Monday, 22 April 2019

Is ISI Monitoring Pakistani Cricket Team?

"Imran Khan has set the ISI to oversee the Pakistan cricket team"

In recent conflict, the very big news was hidden. Imran Khan played a master stroke. All the cricket legends of the world have admitted that Imran Khan is a king of cricket techniques. recently Pakistan cricket team has visit Imran Khan. In this meeting, Irfan Khan has told the entire cricket team that I will keep eye on you. Imran Khan threatened that I will take action if any kind of match fixed in the team. Imran Khan has set the ISI to oversee the Pakistan cricket team. ISI is the number 1 intelligence agency in the world. Every player in this World Cup will be looked at. The biggest thing is that Imran Khan will also watch the match. The team will not be allowed to make any kind of corruption. The Pakistani nation should understand one thing that Pakistani team will not be allowed to cheat in this world cup. This time there will be transparent games. Hopefully, Pakistan will win this world cup.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Top 10 Journalist Pakistani People Don't Like Anymore

"There was a time when the Pakistani nation was trapped in the media network badly"

But now the time has changed. Since the social media trend has increased the reality of Pakistan's media has been opened that how these people spread anarchy in Pakistan.
In this article we will talk about top 10 Journalist Pakistani People Don't Like Anymore.

NO:10 Shahzeb Khanzada

Shahzeb Khanzada is who the journalist, about whom Pakistan's Chief Justice recently remarked stronglyYou will find a lot of Disappointment in his program. On seeing his pagram, you will feel that Pakistan is passing through bad situations. It seems that Pakistan has no future. It brings an error in everything. This journalist try to spread hatred in Pakistan.  According to hatred his number is 10.

NO:9 Salman Ghani

Salman Ghani journalist is less and worker of PML-N is more. He openly work to safe corruption of the Sharif Family. People abuses to him. People dishonour him on social media. He is companion of Sharif Family and their corruption. This hatred harshly with Imran Khan. That's why people hate them.  According to hatred his number is 9
NO:8 Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi is known as disloyalty with Pakistan. He is a big enemy of Pakistan. He is against the army of Pakistan. He is partner of terrorist. He played an independent Balochistan movement. He blames the Mumbai attack on ISI. The biggest thing he is a RAW agent. . That's why people hate them.  According to hatred his number is 8
NO:7 Hamid Mir

There was a time when people loved with Hamid Mir very much. But he gives secret information to Tehreek-E-Taliban about PakArmy. People are hating them. He is capable for hate of Pakistanis. He is a big enemy of ISI. People hate them indefinitely.  According to hatred his number is 7.

NO:6 Nusrat Javed

By the way, Nusrat Javed's rating has ended completely. But still people know him due to Treason with pakistan. His task is to make abuse to Army and ISI.  According to hatred his number is 6.

NO:5 Umar Cheema

 Umar Cheema is journalist of Jung group. He has made fake attacks on him selves. And blame on ISI. He is a cunning journalist. Sometimes it praises Nawaz Sharif and sometimes Imran Khan. He spreads fake news about Imran Khan. He is unique in abusive to Judiciary. India and CIA are very happy with on it.  According to hatred his number is 5

NO:4 Talat Hussain

There was a time when the Pakistani nation used to say that Ali is the most balanced journalist. But since they have taken the U Turn. The way they attack on ISI and Pak Army, spread false news about them. He spread Disappointment every time. He is charged with taking money from CIA. He has only got hatred from the Pakistani nation. According to hatred his number is 4

NO:3 Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry is the useless journalist in the history of Pakistan. But he has a talent that he can convert false into true. He is Pakistan's most false journalist. he bring Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم in the dream of Imran Khan's wife and make fool the nation. That's his the job. It is alleged that he is the author of Malik Riaz book on social media. He also made a fake interview of Hussain Nawaz and he tried to save Nawaz Sharif. But the matter was upside down. But the matter fell down from above. Hussain Nawaz was caught due to this interview And they were punished. According to hatred his number is 3.

NO:2 Rauf Klasra

Rauf Klasra is aging rapidly hate. Maybe it might be their first number in a few days in hatred. He is facing Criticism more than ever. Pakistani nation hate them very much. It is the man who criticize every good work. It brings out defects from every good work. It is criticized that it is Layyah's legend. It considered himself a intelligent man. They work onagenda  of  Malik Riaz. According to hatred his number is 2.

NO:1 Saleem Safi

People hate to him the most in Pakistan. Twenty-five crores of Pakistanis hate them. Those who do not hate him, they belongs to PML-N. It speaks against Pakistan's army. They feel that the establishment of Pakistan is behind the Imran Khan. It have a lot of talents to spread Instability in Pakistan.People change the channel if Saleem Safi does not feel Insults at any show.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Modi is Ready to Give Another Surprise to Pakistan

        "Kashmir is completely on high alert after Intelligence report"

Barkha Dutt Who is credible Indian journalist. He says Kashmir is completely on high alert after Intelligence report because Jaish-e-Mohammed can attack any time in Kashmir. Said it is going to happen a bike rider can attack on the army in Kashmir. Specially Srinagar city is on high alert. And it is also said that a big attack can be done on the highway.
Mehbooba Mufti who is president of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party she said Modi can attack another attack on Pakistan like balakot attack. He said during a discussion with media in Kashmir. She said Modi's defeat in the general election is Forcing to attack on Pakistan. 
Where is this situation going now?
Modi's bad days have started now he would to face this Situation. Modi wants to change constitution of India. Modi can change India's constitution if Modi win 360 seats. But according to our report BJP  lose all the seats in first phase of election which was held on 11 april in India. Now Modi has only two ways to win election. first one is that if he attack on pakistan he can win election. second way is if he hack voting machines. Modi can anything to win election till 23 may.  It is easy for Modi to attack Pakistan for win the election. if Modi see he is defecting in election than he can attack like Pulwama on indian armed forces. And then he will again blame of this attack on Pakistan and again attack on pakistan. If Modi does so, Pakistan will get an opportunity to respond and the war will start. This time it will not be little war, this time a big fight will happen. Pakistan is looking for this opportunity. If India attacks this time, Pakistan will conquer Kashmir by responding to it. And the entire world will not be able to do anything. Pakistan will have a great opportunity to liberate Kashmiri Muslims from oppressed.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Benefits Of Islamic Presidential System In Pakistan

"If the hands of thieves like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari are cut off according to the Islamic presidential system than corruption from Pakistan will end "

Friends as we know that the slogan of the Islamic presidential system has taken a look at countrywide. And talking about the poor and oppressed sections of the country are talking about it.  This is the only source that can make a realistic view of justice in the country. This is one way we can clean all the Institutions of our country from politics. This is the only source which will give the poor people of the country the opportunity to choose their leader. In today's era poor Pakistani people choose a rich man under the British parliamentary system. This rich man goes to the Parliament and chooses any Prime Minister for money and chooses any president for money. When Saint's time to choose, then his bidding price goes into hundreds of dollars. Such bribery people should not be able to choose the government of Pakistan. The government is made from the public and we do not need those middle mans. Imran Khan's own party PTI is not sincere with Imran Khan in this system. In this system, the prime minister is afraid to leave any bad minister. The prime minister is afraid because if he Leave any minister, so he will take other ministers along with him. and Imran Khan's government will end. in the contrary, This does not happen in Islamic presidential system. In Islamic presidential system, President is empowered. Imran Khan has to change this system as soon as possible. Because Pakistan's bad situation is going on. If the situation in Pakistan remains worse than Amir Khan can lose his reputation.

The presidential system is only hope for the betterment of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are demanding an Islamic presidential system that is based on Islam principles completely.Create a new constitution that is based on the Quran. Interest in Islam is forbidden. If Pakistan forbid from interest, then Pakistan's debt can end. Pakistan can end poverty. The greatest example of Islamic system is found in the era of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq. This was the time when Arabia developed the most. All of us should bring Allah's system in Pakistan. Imran Khan should bring Islamic presidential system in Pakistan.Imran Khan must understand that this system is not working. Imran Khan can bring Islamic presidential system in Pakistan with the help of Pak Army, ISI and the Chief Justice of Pakistan. If Imran Khan does so, Imran Khan can become President of Pakistan.If you want  Islamic presidential system in Pakistan than share this post with friends.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

What Need Of Islamic Presidential System In Pakistan

"The matter of Islamic presidential system in Pakistan has been echoed everywhere"

What is Islamic presidential system?

A YouTube channel whose name is Haqeeqat TV. This channel has 2 million subscribers. Now because the presidential system is close to Islam. So he demanded a new system for Pakistan. A system that is based on the principles of Islam. Ideology of Pakistan is based on Islamic ideology.
Therefore, the system of justice should be the basis of the principles of Islam. All laws should be made according to Islam. Islam is the source of success in the world and in the Hereafter. If we want peace, justice, and stability in Pakistan, than we need to change this system. For example if someone steal, than the hands of the thief should be cut off according to the principles of Islam.

     what need of Islamic presidential system.

We know that there is no peace in Pakistan.Corruption, theft, terrorism and poverty are common in Pakistan. The Pakistani system is such that the thieves are not being punished. To finish all these bad things we need Islamic presidential system. Imran Khan can not do anything in the democratic system despite being in power. Islamic presidential system is top trends on Twitter. People of Pakistan are demanding Islamic presidential system.Islamic Presidential System must reflect the very original form of Caliphate, otherwise, we're done being a republic/Zionist State.

The history of Average GDP Growth of Pakistan clearly identifies the so called parliamentary governments dipping into the sea.... 

Why Is The Israel Biggest Enemy Of Islam And This Whole World

"The prophecy of Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم is proving true after 1400 years"

The Jews are Islam and the world's biggest enemy. Today, I will tell you with arguments about how the Jews are behind every incidence in the world. And I will also tell you what is their purpose behind it.

NO 1: Present Tension Between Pakistan & India.

Israel is behind the recent tension in Pakistan and India. Israel prepared India for war against Pakistan. The Jews fully supported India. You will remember that on February 27, Pakistan shot-down two Indian aircraft. On this day an Indian pilot Abhinandan was arrested. But eyewitnesses saw two pilots falling. Click Here To Watch Witnesses Video.
DGISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor also claimed that there were two Indian pilots were fall down in Pakistan's boundaries.ISPR claimed that one was arrested and Looking for another. According to our intelligence report, the second pilot is Israeli. Now if he was Indian then India would tell that he is our pilot. Many people in Pakistan are saying that it was an Israeli pilot. After a few days, Israel will admit this itself. According to ISI Israel's commandos, Israel's delegation and Israeli war weapons are present in India

NO 2: Arab Spring

The second biggest incident is the destruction of the Arabs. Recently, President of Sudan Omar Al Bashir told the rulers of Qatar and Egypt that the destruction of the Arabs stands on the head. He said that Arabs must have one to avoid this destruction. Now you can see that the army has rebelled in Sudan. Now the power of Omar Al Bashir is over. Who is behind it? Israel is behind it. A situation that everybody needs to understand. You can see this screenshot. According to this news, Omar Al Bashir said that I was offered by Israel If you restore relations with us then we will eliminate all these disputes. Netanyahu has given this message to him. It's just going to be the establishment of greater Israel in the Middle East. All Arab countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria has to get out from the hands of the Arabs. Now the next rebellion will be in Duba. Because Netanyahu has attained power. And Dubai is going to accept Israel country. In the coming time, such a big rebellion is going on in all the major Arab countries. Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم said that the destruction of all Arab countries has to be done. Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم said the fear of death and love for the world will sink them. Everything that Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم said about Arabs is going to be true.

The country that they have to destroy, first of all, they make rebellion in that country. And they eliminates good people's government. then They install their own man in that country. It is their plan to destroy any country.Israel is going to occupy the whole Middle East. No Arab country will probably survive. Because the Hadiths tell us that Arabs will not survive.

NO 3:Gharqad Trees

At this time 30 million Gharqad Trees have been planted in Israel.The Jews consider the Hadiths of Muslims. Because it is written in the Hadith of Muslims Gharqad Trees is a tree of Jews. According to the Hadith, this tree will protect them from Muslims. 

                  Why they are doing this?

They wants to start World War 3. According to them, Jews are God's chosen people.Apart from us, there is no right to live in the world. His Messiah is coming, (Which is called Dajjal)And then we will rule over the whole world.The Jews will live and all others will be destroyed.

Friday, 12 April 2019

1 Rule to buy Perfect Watch For Your Wrist Size

  Mistakes while buying Watches:

    Some boys buy wrist watch of bigger size than there the size of their wrist. They thought that they are looking mature but it is totally myth. Some wrist watches has  big dial and it is difficult to carry them. Some watches are heavy because they are made of metals.This is a myth that it is very difficult to a perfect watch of size and style. Fully read this blog and I will guide you how to buy a watch of your size and style. I hope you will learn how to analyze a watch before buying. 

Lets get started.

  First step: Length of Watch

                 You have to get an  tape measure and measure your wrist size. If your wrist is between 6 to 6.75 inch then you should buy a watch between 38-40 mm of length. If your wrist is between 6.75 to 7.25 then you should buy a watch of 40-42 mm of length. And if your wrist size is 7.25 or bigger then you can buy 42 mm of length watch or bigger. 

Second Step: Thickness Of Watch :

If your wrist size is medium or small then your wrist watch's should between 6 to 12 mm. If your wrist is large then wear high thickness watches. If you will wear small thickness size watch then it feel like children's watch. 
Third step: Watch matching with clothes:
This is a detail topic but I am talking about basics in this blog. In basics there are three types of watches. Leather strips, metal strips and fabric,silver or rubber strips are the types of watches and there strips. If you are carrying formal look then you can go for leather strip or metal strip watch. 
If your wrist size is small then go for leather and if your wrist size is bigger then go for metal.
You can wear any type of watch if you are carrying casual look. I am preferring rubber, silicon or fabric watch. You can also wear these watches if you are carrying sports look. I hope it will help you to buy a watch. 
                            Please share this blog for my help. 
Thanks a lot. 

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Place Where You Can Get Rich Quickly

Today I am going to tell you about "PLACES WHERE YOU CAN GET EASILY RICH"

let's begin!

A man live in Asian India many years ago. Whose name was Ali Hafiz.Whose had a big farm,too many fields and many gardens. Ali was a lucky and rich man.Lucky because he was a rich man. Rich because he was a lucky man. One day Ali went to a farmer who live near Ali's house. Farmer was a Buddhist priest. During talks farmer said,"If you have a diamond you can buy  this whole village. And if you get diamond mine, then you can live like kings." This thing stuck in the brain of Ali.That night Ali went to sleep on a bed like a poor man. Poor because now he was not understanding himself lucky. And now he was not lucky because he now felt himself poor. Think that he did not sleep all night. On the other day, he went to the same priest and said,"I want diamond Mine." The priest said that why you want the diamonds?Ali replied i want to be rich.Than priest said,"Where the water runs on a white sand, you will get the diamonds."Ali sold all his property to find this place. And then he went out to find the lake with all the money.H e searched for this lake across India. But he could not find it. Until he reached Europe.But he could not find it. At last his money was ended.One day, he was tired and stand on The beach in Spain.He did not understand anything. At that time he decide to go in to the sea. He started walking in the ocean and went away even if there was no way of return. Yes I know you considered it a sad ending. But the story is not over here.
The person who bought the land of Ali was bought. He wateres his camel into a garden where a stream flows. When he was drinking water on his camel, suddenly he looked at a black stone. This stone was very shiny. He brings this stone to his house. Now a few days later the priest comes to this house to know about Ali. Then he looks at this bright black stone the Priest see this stone and says that ,"That's diamond surely Ali has returned and found the mine." So the new owner of this house says that Ali has not returned and that's not diamond. The priest responds to him I know a diamond when I look at it this is a diamond. Then they both go to the garden quickly. And started mining that place. After some time, they seem to meet precious diamonds.and such that discovered the world's most magnificent diamonds mine THE  GOLCONDA MINE. Whose diamonds are considered to be the world's most valuable diamonds.Kohinoor Diamond is also found in the same mine.

Lessons to learn says that stay contented with that you have. Understand the values that you have.If Ali thanking on that he has,and he worked hard on him so it would make him the owner of these diamonds. The morality is that do not become like Ali Hafiz.
                                                                      We should not be regret on opportunities that we do not have.if we do not have any opportunities we should try to create that opportunity.
                                                                      Because if any human want anything heartily so his brain open many doors to achieve that thing. I means to say that don't think that where you live there is no opportunity.
For example,A farmer whose name is khetaji solanki. He belongs to a village whose population is less than one thousand.just Imagine that how many opportunities will happen to such a small village. Well on these such places many people can not find any opportunities to earn money. But do you know this farmer earns 21 lakh rupees only in seventy days  by cultivating muskmelon and selling it. On one hand, people go in cities from villages but they can not earn twenty one lakhs for many years. But the farmer made it in seventy days by using it that farmer had. Opportunities are exist everywhere. Somewhere much and Somewhere less. If you keep abundance mentality and remember two more things. Those things I'll mention next.So you will get at least one opportunity you can easily get rich from where you live.


In many countries, people are taught from childhood that money is bad.It's evil to be rich. We have been taught this from childhood. Surprisingly, there is also taught in school books in Pakistan that it is Fault to be rich.But in fact, they are the ones who work hard for  day and night to earn money. And they are become Upset because of lack of money. First of all understand that money is good and important. Money is very important at that time.Today the lack of money is a big problem.

Why i am saying such an obvious thing?

I am telling you because if you are still financially weak. Maybe in your subconscious mind believe that money gives us problems. This thing Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill also said in their books.That's why, understand that the  money does not make anybody bad. The truth is that if anybody is bad then he will be bad without money he will worse even after making money. While good people can become more and more good due to money.
For example bill gates opened so many charity organizations to help the people and fight with worlds big problems. And otherwise a poor man can not help his family too.


A financier name was  John Jackson.Whom suddenly had to be a partner of a store. Because its old owner could not run store properly. They were earning so little money that they could not even pay rent of their shop. He went to a garden to increase his business.He started watching women To Observe that which type of clothes women wear mostly.Those clothes that people wear mostly, he would sell the same clothes in his shop.He did this with many products. The result was that there was no such thing in their store that people did not want. Instead, they used to sell hot things that everyone wanted. Similarly, they earned a $ 17 million dollar, even in the 21st Century. From that shop where the rent was not available. That's why the second lesson is to ask yourself what people want?. In fact, ask people what they want? And give them what they want. This minor and simple thing can make you rich anywhere.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Why Pakistan Is Not Showing Its Oil Resources

"International Energy Research Agency Rystad Energy has submitted his report and says that Kekra sea in Pakistani waters has pre-drill prospective resource estimates of 1.5bn barrels of oil or equivalent."

This is a great success for Pakistan.Pakistan is not announcing it does not mean that oil or gas is not going out of Pakistan.Now this is what I am going to give you information.This will not be  discuss in the media and never will be visible somewhere else.To the Pakistani President Imran Khan has been stopped of the announcement.Because at this time If you see Venezuela,To take over on oil in Venezuela the entire country has been shut down.Estimate that there is not electricity in the entire country.The entire country is blackout.And besides that the last Libyan civil war has started.On one hand, the Libyan National Army and other hand General Khalifa Haftar.All this is happening in the world.That's why Pakistan is not announce about Pakistani natural reserves.Pakistan fear that Pakistan should not become like Venezuela or Libya.Pakistan is hiding its reserves from the world.Because the eye of international agencies spatially CIA is on Pakistan's reserves.spatially on Pakistan oil.Today the situation in the country and the whole world is very dangerous.See the situation in France, look at the UK,Iraq,Syria,Sudan and See Tunisia's

condition.There is destruction throughout the world.If Pakistan start openly drilling than Pakistan's situation is very likely to worsen.Because Attack is being tried on Pakistan everywhere.That is why Pakistan should stop it for a while.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Airoplane Much Cheaper Than From A Vehicles

Hey, everyone on steemit, in the post i will share some information about aircrafts which are cheaper and you can afford them easily.They are also cheaper from a vehicle.
So let get started.
Some people think the plane can buy a very rich man. but never its no true.
There are also some ships that are cheaper than the car.
you can buy them minimum 25000$ yes its true only 25000$ specially in Pakistan and india Where the cost of a car is higher than 25000$.
When we have to go from one city to another, we have to face a lot of difficulties and if we go through the road.
When we have to go from one city to another, we have to face a lot of difficulties if we travel on the road, and it's time consuming.To avoid all this, you are traveling to your own aircraft.It will be more excited if you have your own airplane and you are pilot of this aircraft.
There is some details of cheapest aircraft that you can afford.
Pipar colt pa-22-108
It is two-seated tricycle lading gear light cabin aircraft.
powerd by A 108 HP (81 KW) Lycoming 235-c1
price 16000$ to 21000$
G-BXLY PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior
price 25000$ means 25000000pkr
No 3
cessna 162
pricr 56000$
One more thing is Pilot Certificate it is just like a driving license.
you can get license from any pilot center different country's have different fees to become a pilot
for example in UK pilot training total cost is 13000$ cost and in Pakistan only 8000$ for pilot license.
on more thing is parking fee
you need. to pay aeroplan parking fee when you will park your plan in any airport. also need to pay landing fee of airport to any airport it is only 100$ something .
It is just 80$ to go from Karachi to Lahore Pakistan
The first plane that I will share is Gyrocopter. It is a cheaper and very fantastic flight. It is a plane and helicopter. It has the most amazing journey! It's price is only $66,450. It's price in Pakistan is only 8,089,290 rupees. It is much cheaper than a Lexus GS 24 hwy/16 city. That is price is $84,350. You can use it as Helicopter. It takes fuel as a heavy bike.
If you want that I create an other post on planes. So, please right in comment. Please give a like and and follow me.
With best wishes. Thank you.

India is Ready for Strike on Pakistan

                    India is Ready for Strike on Pakistan

  In the Cabinet Committee on Security (CSS), Ajit Dovel has informed Prime Minister that the three forces were ready for any action against the neighbouring country. He said that they were waiting for a political sanction.

                               Russian Warning to Pakistan

Russia has warned Pakistan that from where India can attack. The key takeaways from the meetings are:
1- The attacks will be target-specific.
2-No non-military targets.
3- Not only Pak-occupied Kashmir but the targets can also be inside.
4-The attacks will be pro-active and non-reactive.
Russian media said that Indian Army, Air force, Navy reportedly ready to Strike Pakistan again. Modi said that they are totally ready to attack Pakistan and will wait for a response. 

                             Targeted areas Of Pakistan 

Last time India wanted to attack Bhawalpur, Karachi and Sialkot. And then their root was Lahore.
If the war will begin the most important places are Karachi, Lahore and Sialkot. These places are near to boarders. In India election is near at hand. Modi and his political party want to win this election so he can attack in Pakistan. India thinks that if his 25+ jets are crashed, no fear but if only one Pakistani jet will crash they can win the election. Modi did not work well in India. Indian people do not like him. He wants to win this election and it is an only possible way that he will strike on Pakistan. I think India will definitely strike on Pakistan. This is a plan of the Indian Government to win the election. Russia has informed ISI that India can Strike on Pakistan anytime. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned India on 5 places. Core Commander General Kamar Javaid Baghva said that we will protect every single inch of our nation. He said that air force, ISI, Navy and Army are all alerts.The local's groups of India will attack Pakistan. If Pakistan will fail all the plans of India then the war will not start and I hope Pakistan will do the same.

I think it is enough for today. I will meet you in the next post. And if you want to read some more information then click on the link. 

I want peace and only peace. I wish for a peaceful homeland and want to away my country from war.
I hate the act of war. 
Thanks a lot for reading this page. And I only want Pakistan India friendship. Only friendship can make nations strong and prosperous.

Monday, 8 April 2019

5 Most Interesting & Unusual Pets

Friends People usually like dogs and cat as pets. What can imagine can be a few strange animals as pets in the houses?
Imagine an elephant, eat with you and a buffalo splits your bed with you.
Today we will talk about these strange pets.

lets start


Friends: Have you seen big buffalo stands in the house's kitchen. If not, see now  A buffalo Lives between a family of the Queensland Australia. When his owners call his name he comes without delays. Hobbies of this buffalo are watching tv, eating Human food and care raiding. to fulfil buffalo's hobby his owner has modified his care. So that his buffalo do not have any type of Trouble.


Many people are scared to see snakes. Because it is considered a snake is very dangerous. But in some parts of the world, some people are fond of the snake as a pet in their houses. These people are very Familiar with their snacks Not only play, But it also gives orders and walks with them. You can also say that Like another pet snake is also familiar. They have the advantage of adopting pet That can survive for a long time. Snakes are usually 25 to 30 years of life. Such as their owners can enjoy a long time with them.

#3. Capybara a Guinea pig

Friends'This animal called Capybara is actually a guinea pig. It is also considered to be the biggest rat. It's 4 feet long and his weight is 15kg. It is very tricky to keep such dangerous animals as pets. This big rat named Caplin Rous has an unusual reputation on the Internet. His mistress named Melini Hablados says that he wants to make awareness of people by adopting these big mice. Hablamos says that this animal is completely a domestic animal. It says that if you have to keep this animal as a pet, then you have one, So you have to have a baby.
Hi said that this animal is very familiar with us And it would also be swimming with us.

#2 Fennec Fox

This generation fox is very small in size. And it's also easy to train it. But one thing can not be ignored here that it is a bloody animal. Like other wild animals, this animal becomes even more active at night. And in such cases, it can become a problem in your golden life. Many  Amateur people in Europe feed this pet.

#1 exotic pets

Friends, General people are afraid to see a tiger. Because the tiger is considered to be the world's bloody animal. But there are some people who feed these tigers like a cat in their homes.Especially Dubai's royal family people keep lions as pets. People of royal family play with them. And they share their beds with them. They make these animals pets and go shopping with them. Of course, it may be a very important decision to treat lions as pets. But they get tiger kids and train them and spend time with them.

Express your comment about these pets.

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India is playing a new game with Pakistan on issue of Kashmir

Three days ago, a song released on YouTube with the name of "Humsaye Maa Jaye"
according to this song Pakistani and Indians are one belongs to one nation. First, understand that this is against Quaid-e-Azam's two nation ideology. According to our Quaid, Hindus and Muslims are different nations. What was the need for a separate state of Muslims? The song has attacked the two national views of Quaid-e-Azam. Why did he do this?
Amazingly, after this song, Bashra Ansari said in a BBC interview that Kashmir will make a separate homeland. It will never become a part of Pakistan.they wants to live independently.
Why did Bashar Ansari say that? Of course, India is behind it.
Now see what India wants? India does not want to separate Kashmir, and if fortunately, according to the UN resolution the referendum is held in Kashmir. India does not want Kashmir to be part of Pakistan. And if Kashmir establishes a separate state. Just as India has done with Afghanistan and in the same way he installed one of his servants inside Kashmir. Which runs Kashmir system under us. Then there is an election and a Democracy and that's all the same spectacle. And they control Kashmir. And start living there Indians.
The green colour in Kashmir is banned. Everything related to Pakistan is banned in India. You should tell me that as Pakistan left India's pilot Abandon. Does India do this? Ever Never.

                                                     India has done many surveys in Kashmir. Every time 98% of people said they want to go with Pakistan. What would happen if Kashmir did not want to go with Pakistan? India will Do referendum according to UN resolution. India knows that they do not want to go with them. But now India is saying through these people.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Benefits of Playing PUBG Game

                             Benefits of Playing PUBG Game 

         We all are fond of playing games. If we play games more then a moderate level, they are very harmful to us. The researches show that a gamer has some more abilities than a common man. It does not mean that you should mostly waste your time playing games. 


              It is a myth that a gamer will have poor eyesight after some time.


               The researches show that if we play games our eyesight will be sharp because a gamer has to look here and there to see the objects on the screen and he has to notice all the things all the time to accomplish his task. Therefore, he has sharp eyesight. A gamer can easily differentiate shades of 
Grey colours. 

                                                                                                                                                                    It has another benefit that if you drive in fog it will really help you to drive.


The gamer has a better imagination then the others, for example, he can differentiate 3D shapes.                      
Playing Games Helps in Driving:
                                                     It is research that a good gamer is always a good driver. A gamer can easily control a jet. Pilots are mostly gamers. 

Information Scanning:

                                               It is the most important part of the benefits of playing games. A gamer can scan information easily. In way, he can easily find a word while reading an article. video games help us a lot in our daily work life. A gamer has more attention than a non-gamer.

Addiction to games

The games have a fast addiction. Games definitely try to make us perfect but we should never fall a prey to them. There are extreme cases on PUBG of gamers. I hope that you are not an addict of games and play at a moderate level and taking a lot of advantages from it. 
I hope that you would like it.
Best wishes to all of you.
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Saturday, 6 April 2019

The Main Reason Behind the Rise of USD/PKR in Trading Market

As recently as the value of dollars in Pakistan has increased. We will give you full explanations which media group was included, which political parties, how much money changer and which journalist's salary was involved.

Asad Umar recently said that now the dollar is stabled.
Recently, Fawad Chaudhry has tweeted in which he said that FIA has given the full control over action against dollar holders and currency pumps and dumpers. What does Fawad Chaudhary mean? Asad Umar is telling something else.
This is the fact that Fawad Chaudhry is telling. Now you will find an amazing thing that at present, about the Governor State Bank of Pakistan when suddenly the price of dollar goes up, he admitted in the hospital. Whenever they go to the hospital, the dollar price is pumped or dumped.
Why the dollar is expensive? It was a game behind this. About 120 money exchangers and 6 to 8 major groups, including groups of media channels.Those who are doing money laundering they have created an artificial crisis. Three groups belong to Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Pakistan Peoples Party. They are directly related to Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari.

                                                     Other than that, The dollar was hidden from the market. And understand what the real story is. Then propaganda was done on social media with approximately 250 accounts were used. The Nawaz League's secret accounts were used. Those who are also used against the Pak Army.which ran under Mary Nawaz. They Spreading the news through these accounts that the price of the dollar in Pakistan is going to be Rs 180
Did you notice, Geo News, Express News, and Other Channels How are they working in loss? How are they still paying salaries to their journalists? If you get the auditor's report for these channels. You will find that these channels do not pay their journalists. Their salaries are given by people like Mary Nawaz and Zardari.
Why did they do this?
They do make this money. These people are earning money in that same way.
I hope you will understand.

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Friday, 5 April 2019

Why Pakistan Can Become the #1 Travel Destination in the World


Trough this article you can know about Pakistan's natural beauty.

What did Eva say about Pakistan?

Eva said "M name is Eva and I am a travel vlogger. Over the last year, I've travelled to Pakistan for a wide. North to South, and East to West. My videos and content about the country have garnered millions of views. But I'm not here to talk about myself today. Today, I'm here to talk about what I've seen of Pakistan. And what I believe the future of Pakistan's tourism can be. see. Most of the Pakistani friends start to chuckle when I tell them this. But it's really no joke. I believe that Pakistan can be the world's number 1 tourist destination. It really can. Let me give you a few arguments as to why I think so. Starting with the mountains of Pakistan. One of the greatest assets that nature has bestowed on this country.
Beyond the current resorts of Malam Jabba and Naltar.
Why can't ski resorts dot the peaks of these mountains? And beyond that, looking at the beautiful landscapes of Skardu and Hunza and Swat. Why can't Pakistan become the next Bhutan or Nepal? White Mountaineering and mountain trekking infrastructures that rive those of its neighbouring countries? With 8 of the world's 20 tallest mountains. This should be the epicentre of the world's trekking adventure and mountain tourism.

And just look at the mountains of the South. This is Hingol National Park in Baluchistan.
Why can't this become the next Grand Canyon? Just imagine tourists trekking, hiking and camping among these beautiful,nature-made structures.

  And while we're in Baluchistan! How can w forget about the beaches? The entire coast of the Arabian sea with the right attitude and vision could become one of the world's prime beach destinations for all seasons. Imagine five-star resorts, private islands and beach shacks lining this beautiful coastline.
Because, after all, isn't beautiful! And isn't possible!

Next up: culture and the arts.

Both Singh and the capital of culture, Lahore has so much to offer. The craftsmanship and artistry and handicrafts that I've seen are unlike anywhere else in the world. This could be Pakistan's prime export. And imagine thousands, hundred of thousands of tourists bringing bits of Pakistan with them back home,to share with their communities.
Religious tourism
Pakistan has such an incredible Islamic heritage. And I know that the Sufi trail of Sindh can appeal not just to Muslim tourists, but any tourists interested in history and culture.

Pakistan also happens to be the birthplace of Sikhism and the travels of Guru Nanak. It's also home to some important Hindu sites in the world.

As well as Buddhist stupas, and the remains of a rich Buddhist heritage.
Why don't more people around the world know that Pakistan is where the world's oldest civilization the Indus Valley Civilization, was found!

Why can't Makli Necropolis, Ranikot Fort or Mohanjo Daro become the next Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat! What exactly is preventing Pakistan from becoming the world's top destination for history buffs?

And of course,let's not forget about the food.Pakistan has such a rich culture of food and cuisines. And their diversity from province to province is just astonishing. Take Lahore and Karachi. Where are the Michelin-starred restaurants? Why can't these places become some of the world's top culinary hubs for foodie tourism?
Well! this is my Pakistan. It's going to take so much time, effort dedication and investment to bring this vision into reality. But I know that the gifts that Pakistan has been blessed with are endless. This is how I see the future of tourism in Pakistan."