Friday, 12 April 2019

1 Rule to buy Perfect Watch For Your Wrist Size

  Mistakes while buying Watches:

    Some boys buy wrist watch of bigger size than there the size of their wrist. They thought that they are looking mature but it is totally myth. Some wrist watches has  big dial and it is difficult to carry them. Some watches are heavy because they are made of metals.This is a myth that it is very difficult to a perfect watch of size and style. Fully read this blog and I will guide you how to buy a watch of your size and style. I hope you will learn how to analyze a watch before buying. 

Lets get started.

  First step: Length of Watch

                 You have to get an  tape measure and measure your wrist size. If your wrist is between 6 to 6.75 inch then you should buy a watch between 38-40 mm of length. If your wrist is between 6.75 to 7.25 then you should buy a watch of 40-42 mm of length. And if your wrist size is 7.25 or bigger then you can buy 42 mm of length watch or bigger. 

Second Step: Thickness Of Watch :

If your wrist size is medium or small then your wrist watch's should between 6 to 12 mm. If your wrist is large then wear high thickness watches. If you will wear small thickness size watch then it feel like children's watch. 
Third step: Watch matching with clothes:
This is a detail topic but I am talking about basics in this blog. In basics there are three types of watches. Leather strips, metal strips and fabric,silver or rubber strips are the types of watches and there strips. If you are carrying formal look then you can go for leather strip or metal strip watch. 
If your wrist size is small then go for leather and if your wrist size is bigger then go for metal.
You can wear any type of watch if you are carrying casual look. I am preferring rubber, silicon or fabric watch. You can also wear these watches if you are carrying sports look. I hope it will help you to buy a watch. 
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