Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Airoplane Much Cheaper Than From A Vehicles

Hey, everyone on steemit, in the post i will share some information about aircrafts which are cheaper and you can afford them easily.They are also cheaper from a vehicle.
So let get started.
Some people think the plane can buy a very rich man. but never its no true.
There are also some ships that are cheaper than the car.
you can buy them minimum 25000$ yes its true only 25000$ specially in Pakistan and india Where the cost of a car is higher than 25000$.
When we have to go from one city to another, we have to face a lot of difficulties and if we go through the road.
When we have to go from one city to another, we have to face a lot of difficulties if we travel on the road, and it's time consuming.To avoid all this, you are traveling to your own aircraft.It will be more excited if you have your own airplane and you are pilot of this aircraft.
There is some details of cheapest aircraft that you can afford.
Pipar colt pa-22-108
It is two-seated tricycle lading gear light cabin aircraft.
powerd by A 108 HP (81 KW) Lycoming 235-c1
price 16000$ to 21000$
G-BXLY PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior
price 25000$ means 25000000pkr
No 3
cessna 162
pricr 56000$
One more thing is Pilot Certificate it is just like a driving license.
you can get license from any pilot center different country's have different fees to become a pilot
for example in UK pilot training total cost is 13000$ cost and in Pakistan only 8000$ for pilot license.
on more thing is parking fee
you need. to pay aeroplan parking fee when you will park your plan in any airport. also need to pay landing fee of airport to any airport it is only 100$ something .
It is just 80$ to go from Karachi to Lahore Pakistan
The first plane that I will share is Gyrocopter. It is a cheaper and very fantastic flight. It is a plane and helicopter. It has the most amazing journey! It's price is only $66,450. It's price in Pakistan is only 8,089,290 rupees. It is much cheaper than a Lexus GS 24 hwy/16 city. That is price is $84,350. You can use it as Helicopter. It takes fuel as a heavy bike.
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