Monday, 15 April 2019

Benefits Of Islamic Presidential System In Pakistan

"If the hands of thieves like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari are cut off according to the Islamic presidential system than corruption from Pakistan will end "

Friends as we know that the slogan of the Islamic presidential system has taken a look at countrywide. And talking about the poor and oppressed sections of the country are talking about it.  This is the only source that can make a realistic view of justice in the country. This is one way we can clean all the Institutions of our country from politics. This is the only source which will give the poor people of the country the opportunity to choose their leader. In today's era poor Pakistani people choose a rich man under the British parliamentary system. This rich man goes to the Parliament and chooses any Prime Minister for money and chooses any president for money. When Saint's time to choose, then his bidding price goes into hundreds of dollars. Such bribery people should not be able to choose the government of Pakistan. The government is made from the public and we do not need those middle mans. Imran Khan's own party PTI is not sincere with Imran Khan in this system. In this system, the prime minister is afraid to leave any bad minister. The prime minister is afraid because if he Leave any minister, so he will take other ministers along with him. and Imran Khan's government will end. in the contrary, This does not happen in Islamic presidential system. In Islamic presidential system, President is empowered. Imran Khan has to change this system as soon as possible. Because Pakistan's bad situation is going on. If the situation in Pakistan remains worse than Amir Khan can lose his reputation.

The presidential system is only hope for the betterment of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are demanding an Islamic presidential system that is based on Islam principles completely.Create a new constitution that is based on the Quran. Interest in Islam is forbidden. If Pakistan forbid from interest, then Pakistan's debt can end. Pakistan can end poverty. The greatest example of Islamic system is found in the era of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq. This was the time when Arabia developed the most. All of us should bring Allah's system in Pakistan. Imran Khan should bring Islamic presidential system in Pakistan.Imran Khan must understand that this system is not working. Imran Khan can bring Islamic presidential system in Pakistan with the help of Pak Army, ISI and the Chief Justice of Pakistan. If Imran Khan does so, Imran Khan can become President of Pakistan.If you want  Islamic presidential system in Pakistan than share this post with friends.