Sunday, 7 April 2019

Benefits of Playing PUBG Game

                             Benefits of Playing PUBG Game 

         We all are fond of playing games. If we play games more then a moderate level, they are very harmful to us. The researches show that a gamer has some more abilities than a common man. It does not mean that you should mostly waste your time playing games. 


              It is a myth that a gamer will have poor eyesight after some time.


               The researches show that if we play games our eyesight will be sharp because a gamer has to look here and there to see the objects on the screen and he has to notice all the things all the time to accomplish his task. Therefore, he has sharp eyesight. A gamer can easily differentiate shades of 
Grey colours. 

                                                                                                                                                                    It has another benefit that if you drive in fog it will really help you to drive.


The gamer has a better imagination then the others, for example, he can differentiate 3D shapes.                      
Playing Games Helps in Driving:
                                                     It is research that a good gamer is always a good driver. A gamer can easily control a jet. Pilots are mostly gamers. 

Information Scanning:

                                               It is the most important part of the benefits of playing games. A gamer can scan information easily. In way, he can easily find a word while reading an article. video games help us a lot in our daily work life. A gamer has more attention than a non-gamer.

Addiction to games

The games have a fast addiction. Games definitely try to make us perfect but we should never fall a prey to them. There are extreme cases on PUBG of gamers. I hope that you are not an addict of games and play at a moderate level and taking a lot of advantages from it. 
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