Tuesday, 9 April 2019

India is Ready for Strike on Pakistan

                    India is Ready for Strike on Pakistan

  In the Cabinet Committee on Security (CSS), Ajit Dovel has informed Prime Minister that the three forces were ready for any action against the neighbouring country. He said that they were waiting for a political sanction.

                               Russian Warning to Pakistan

Russia has warned Pakistan that from where India can attack. The key takeaways from the meetings are:
1- The attacks will be target-specific.
2-No non-military targets.
3- Not only Pak-occupied Kashmir but the targets can also be inside.
4-The attacks will be pro-active and non-reactive.
Russian media said that Indian Army, Air force, Navy reportedly ready to Strike Pakistan again. Modi said that they are totally ready to attack Pakistan and will wait for a response. 

                             Targeted areas Of Pakistan 

Last time India wanted to attack Bhawalpur, Karachi and Sialkot. And then their root was Lahore.
If the war will begin the most important places are Karachi, Lahore and Sialkot. These places are near to boarders. In India election is near at hand. Modi and his political party want to win this election so he can attack in Pakistan. India thinks that if his 25+ jets are crashed, no fear but if only one Pakistani jet will crash they can win the election. Modi did not work well in India. Indian people do not like him. He wants to win this election and it is an only possible way that he will strike on Pakistan. I think India will definitely strike on Pakistan. This is a plan of the Indian Government to win the election. Russia has informed ISI that India can Strike on Pakistan anytime. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned India on 5 places. Core Commander General Kamar Javaid Baghva said that we will protect every single inch of our nation. He said that air force, ISI, Navy and Army are all alerts.The local's groups of India will attack Pakistan. If Pakistan will fail all the plans of India then the war will not start and I hope Pakistan will do the same.

I think it is enough for today. I will meet you in the next post. And if you want to read some more information then click on the link. 

I want peace and only peace. I wish for a peaceful homeland and want to away my country from war.
I hate the act of war. 
Thanks a lot for reading this page. And I only want Pakistan India friendship. Only friendship can make nations strong and prosperous.