Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Modi is Ready to Give Another Surprise to Pakistan

        "Kashmir is completely on high alert after Intelligence report"

Barkha Dutt Who is credible Indian journalist. He says Kashmir is completely on high alert after Intelligence report because Jaish-e-Mohammed can attack any time in Kashmir. Said it is going to happen a bike rider can attack on the army in Kashmir. Specially Srinagar city is on high alert. And it is also said that a big attack can be done on the highway.
Mehbooba Mufti who is president of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party she said Modi can attack another attack on Pakistan like balakot attack. He said during a discussion with media in Kashmir. She said Modi's defeat in the general election is Forcing to attack on Pakistan. 
Where is this situation going now?
Modi's bad days have started now he would to face this Situation. Modi wants to change constitution of India. Modi can change India's constitution if Modi win 360 seats. But according to our report BJP  lose all the seats in first phase of election which was held on 11 april in India. Now Modi has only two ways to win election. first one is that if he attack on pakistan he can win election. second way is if he hack voting machines. Modi can anything to win election till 23 may.  It is easy for Modi to attack Pakistan for win the election. if Modi see he is defecting in election than he can attack like Pulwama on indian armed forces. And then he will again blame of this attack on Pakistan and again attack on pakistan. If Modi does so, Pakistan will get an opportunity to respond and the war will start. This time it will not be little war, this time a big fight will happen. Pakistan is looking for this opportunity. If India attacks this time, Pakistan will conquer Kashmir by responding to it. And the entire world will not be able to do anything. Pakistan will have a great opportunity to liberate Kashmiri Muslims from oppressed.