Thursday, 11 April 2019

Place Where You Can Get Rich Quickly

Today I am going to tell you about "PLACES WHERE YOU CAN GET EASILY RICH"

let's begin!

A man live in Asian India many years ago. Whose name was Ali Hafiz.Whose had a big farm,too many fields and many gardens. Ali was a lucky and rich man.Lucky because he was a rich man. Rich because he was a lucky man. One day Ali went to a farmer who live near Ali's house. Farmer was a Buddhist priest. During talks farmer said,"If you have a diamond you can buy  this whole village. And if you get diamond mine, then you can live like kings." This thing stuck in the brain of Ali.That night Ali went to sleep on a bed like a poor man. Poor because now he was not understanding himself lucky. And now he was not lucky because he now felt himself poor. Think that he did not sleep all night. On the other day, he went to the same priest and said,"I want diamond Mine." The priest said that why you want the diamonds?Ali replied i want to be rich.Than priest said,"Where the water runs on a white sand, you will get the diamonds."Ali sold all his property to find this place. And then he went out to find the lake with all the money.H e searched for this lake across India. But he could not find it. Until he reached Europe.But he could not find it. At last his money was ended.One day, he was tired and stand on The beach in Spain.He did not understand anything. At that time he decide to go in to the sea. He started walking in the ocean and went away even if there was no way of return. Yes I know you considered it a sad ending. But the story is not over here.
The person who bought the land of Ali was bought. He wateres his camel into a garden where a stream flows. When he was drinking water on his camel, suddenly he looked at a black stone. This stone was very shiny. He brings this stone to his house. Now a few days later the priest comes to this house to know about Ali. Then he looks at this bright black stone the Priest see this stone and says that ,"That's diamond surely Ali has returned and found the mine." So the new owner of this house says that Ali has not returned and that's not diamond. The priest responds to him I know a diamond when I look at it this is a diamond. Then they both go to the garden quickly. And started mining that place. After some time, they seem to meet precious diamonds.and such that discovered the world's most magnificent diamonds mine THE  GOLCONDA MINE. Whose diamonds are considered to be the world's most valuable diamonds.Kohinoor Diamond is also found in the same mine.

Lessons to learn says that stay contented with that you have. Understand the values that you have.If Ali thanking on that he has,and he worked hard on him so it would make him the owner of these diamonds. The morality is that do not become like Ali Hafiz.
                                                                      We should not be regret on opportunities that we do not have.if we do not have any opportunities we should try to create that opportunity.
                                                                      Because if any human want anything heartily so his brain open many doors to achieve that thing. I means to say that don't think that where you live there is no opportunity.
For example,A farmer whose name is khetaji solanki. He belongs to a village whose population is less than one thousand.just Imagine that how many opportunities will happen to such a small village. Well on these such places many people can not find any opportunities to earn money. But do you know this farmer earns 21 lakh rupees only in seventy days  by cultivating muskmelon and selling it. On one hand, people go in cities from villages but they can not earn twenty one lakhs for many years. But the farmer made it in seventy days by using it that farmer had. Opportunities are exist everywhere. Somewhere much and Somewhere less. If you keep abundance mentality and remember two more things. Those things I'll mention next.So you will get at least one opportunity you can easily get rich from where you live.


In many countries, people are taught from childhood that money is bad.It's evil to be rich. We have been taught this from childhood. Surprisingly, there is also taught in school books in Pakistan that it is Fault to be rich.But in fact, they are the ones who work hard for  day and night to earn money. And they are become Upset because of lack of money. First of all understand that money is good and important. Money is very important at that time.Today the lack of money is a big problem.

Why i am saying such an obvious thing?

I am telling you because if you are still financially weak. Maybe in your subconscious mind believe that money gives us problems. This thing Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill also said in their books.That's why, understand that the  money does not make anybody bad. The truth is that if anybody is bad then he will be bad without money he will worse even after making money. While good people can become more and more good due to money.
For example bill gates opened so many charity organizations to help the people and fight with worlds big problems. And otherwise a poor man can not help his family too.


A financier name was  John Jackson.Whom suddenly had to be a partner of a store. Because its old owner could not run store properly. They were earning so little money that they could not even pay rent of their shop. He went to a garden to increase his business.He started watching women To Observe that which type of clothes women wear mostly.Those clothes that people wear mostly, he would sell the same clothes in his shop.He did this with many products. The result was that there was no such thing in their store that people did not want. Instead, they used to sell hot things that everyone wanted. Similarly, they earned a $ 17 million dollar, even in the 21st Century. From that shop where the rent was not available. That's why the second lesson is to ask yourself what people want?. In fact, ask people what they want? And give them what they want. This minor and simple thing can make you rich anywhere.