Friday, 19 April 2019

Top 10 Journalist Pakistani People Don't Like Anymore

"There was a time when the Pakistani nation was trapped in the media network badly"

But now the time has changed. Since the social media trend has increased the reality of Pakistan's media has been opened that how these people spread anarchy in Pakistan.
In this article we will talk about top 10 Journalist Pakistani People Don't Like Anymore.

NO:10 Shahzeb Khanzada

Shahzeb Khanzada is who the journalist, about whom Pakistan's Chief Justice recently remarked stronglyYou will find a lot of Disappointment in his program. On seeing his pagram, you will feel that Pakistan is passing through bad situations. It seems that Pakistan has no future. It brings an error in everything. This journalist try to spread hatred in Pakistan.  According to hatred his number is 10.

NO:9 Salman Ghani

Salman Ghani journalist is less and worker of PML-N is more. He openly work to safe corruption of the Sharif Family. People abuses to him. People dishonour him on social media. He is companion of Sharif Family and their corruption. This hatred harshly with Imran Khan. That's why people hate them.  According to hatred his number is 9
NO:8 Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi is known as disloyalty with Pakistan. He is a big enemy of Pakistan. He is against the army of Pakistan. He is partner of terrorist. He played an independent Balochistan movement. He blames the Mumbai attack on ISI. The biggest thing he is a RAW agent. . That's why people hate them.  According to hatred his number is 8
NO:7 Hamid Mir

There was a time when people loved with Hamid Mir very much. But he gives secret information to Tehreek-E-Taliban about PakArmy. People are hating them. He is capable for hate of Pakistanis. He is a big enemy of ISI. People hate them indefinitely.  According to hatred his number is 7.

NO:6 Nusrat Javed

By the way, Nusrat Javed's rating has ended completely. But still people know him due to Treason with pakistan. His task is to make abuse to Army and ISI.  According to hatred his number is 6.

NO:5 Umar Cheema

 Umar Cheema is journalist of Jung group. He has made fake attacks on him selves. And blame on ISI. He is a cunning journalist. Sometimes it praises Nawaz Sharif and sometimes Imran Khan. He spreads fake news about Imran Khan. He is unique in abusive to Judiciary. India and CIA are very happy with on it.  According to hatred his number is 5

NO:4 Talat Hussain

There was a time when the Pakistani nation used to say that Ali is the most balanced journalist. But since they have taken the U Turn. The way they attack on ISI and Pak Army, spread false news about them. He spread Disappointment every time. He is charged with taking money from CIA. He has only got hatred from the Pakistani nation. According to hatred his number is 4

NO:3 Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry is the useless journalist in the history of Pakistan. But he has a talent that he can convert false into true. He is Pakistan's most false journalist. he bring Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم in the dream of Imran Khan's wife and make fool the nation. That's his the job. It is alleged that he is the author of Malik Riaz book on social media. He also made a fake interview of Hussain Nawaz and he tried to save Nawaz Sharif. But the matter was upside down. But the matter fell down from above. Hussain Nawaz was caught due to this interview And they were punished. According to hatred his number is 3.

NO:2 Rauf Klasra

Rauf Klasra is aging rapidly hate. Maybe it might be their first number in a few days in hatred. He is facing Criticism more than ever. Pakistani nation hate them very much. It is the man who criticize every good work. It brings out defects from every good work. It is criticized that it is Layyah's legend. It considered himself a intelligent man. They work onagenda  of  Malik Riaz. According to hatred his number is 2.

NO:1 Saleem Safi

People hate to him the most in Pakistan. Twenty-five crores of Pakistanis hate them. Those who do not hate him, they belongs to PML-N. It speaks against Pakistan's army. They feel that the establishment of Pakistan is behind the Imran Khan. It have a lot of talents to spread Instability in Pakistan.People change the channel if Saleem Safi does not feel Insults at any show.