Sunday, 14 April 2019

What Need Of Islamic Presidential System In Pakistan

"The matter of Islamic presidential system in Pakistan has been echoed everywhere"

What is Islamic presidential system?

A YouTube channel whose name is Haqeeqat TV. This channel has 2 million subscribers. Now because the presidential system is close to Islam. So he demanded a new system for Pakistan. A system that is based on the principles of Islam. Ideology of Pakistan is based on Islamic ideology.
Therefore, the system of justice should be the basis of the principles of Islam. All laws should be made according to Islam. Islam is the source of success in the world and in the Hereafter. If we want peace, justice, and stability in Pakistan, than we need to change this system. For example if someone steal, than the hands of the thief should be cut off according to the principles of Islam.

     what need of Islamic presidential system.

We know that there is no peace in Pakistan.Corruption, theft, terrorism and poverty are common in Pakistan. The Pakistani system is such that the thieves are not being punished. To finish all these bad things we need Islamic presidential system. Imran Khan can not do anything in the democratic system despite being in power. Islamic presidential system is top trends on Twitter. People of Pakistan are demanding Islamic presidential system.Islamic Presidential System must reflect the very original form of Caliphate, otherwise, we're done being a republic/Zionist State.

The history of Average GDP Growth of Pakistan clearly identifies the so called parliamentary governments dipping into the sea....