Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Why Pakistan Is Not Showing Its Oil Resources

"International Energy Research Agency Rystad Energy has submitted his report and says that Kekra sea in Pakistani waters has pre-drill prospective resource estimates of 1.5bn barrels of oil or equivalent."

This is a great success for Pakistan.Pakistan is not announcing it does not mean that oil or gas is not going out of Pakistan.Now this is what I am going to give you information.This will not be  discuss in the media and never will be visible somewhere else.To the Pakistani President Imran Khan has been stopped of the announcement.Because at this time If you see Venezuela,To take over on oil in Venezuela the entire country has been shut down.Estimate that there is not electricity in the entire country.The entire country is blackout.And besides that the last Libyan civil war has started.On one hand, the Libyan National Army and other hand General Khalifa Haftar.All this is happening in the world.That's why Pakistan is not announce about Pakistani natural reserves.Pakistan fear that Pakistan should not become like Venezuela or Libya.Pakistan is hiding its reserves from the world.Because the eye of international agencies spatially CIA is on Pakistan's reserves.spatially on Pakistan oil.Today the situation in the country and the whole world is very dangerous.See the situation in France, look at the UK,Iraq,Syria,Sudan and See Tunisia's

condition.There is destruction throughout the world.If Pakistan start openly drilling than Pakistan's situation is very likely to worsen.Because Attack is being tried on Pakistan everywhere.That is why Pakistan should stop it for a while.