Sunday, 5 May 2019

3 Greatest Innings of Shahid Khan Afridi

When he came to Gordon for beating with Chewing the bubble gum in the mouth so the heartbeats were sharpened. People sat in front of TV screens leaving their most important works. A large crowd of people anxiously like to see him. When he raised the Bat, then his Bat used to speak. Famous bowers of this time considered him a scary dream. Everybody loves its crazy styles. He entertained the world very much. In the 19th century, cricket was Contained on singles and doubles. But he proved that cricket of sixes and fours have More fun. All the fielding used to go on boundaries when he came on the cricket pitch. Friends we are talking about Shahid Khan Afridi.
Today we are going to remember 3 best and Greatest Innings of Shahid Khan Afridi. The world of cricket will never be able to Forget them.let's start,

NO:1 Fastest Century Against Sri Lanka

In 1996 Shahid Khan Afridi was playing his second one day match against Sri Lanka. Pakistan's competition was with this memorable team who has recently won the world cup of 1996. In this match, BOM BOM was sent as the opener batsman. There were The bowlers like Muralitharan and Chaminda Vaas in front of him. But Afridi's bat throwing electricity current on them. He was throwing the ball out of boundaries. Everyone was shocked. BomBom made a world fastest century within 37 balls. Anybody can't break this record for the next 20 years. In this match, BOM BOM hit 11 sixers and 6 fours. In this match strike rate of Afridi was unbelievably 255.00. Pakistan won this match with 82 runs.

NO: 2 Second Fastest Century Against India

It was the year of 2005. Pakistan was playing 6 one day series against India. These matches were held in India. When 4 matches completed. the series were equal. It was the situation of do or die. It was hot day of 15 April 2005. BOM BOM was sent as the opener batsman. In this match, BOM BOM
made century with 9 sixers and 10 four. It was Second Fastest Century of Shahid Khan Afridi. BOM BOM Flowed the water on the hopes of India. And Pakistan won this match easily by 6 wickets.

NO: 2 Memorable Fifty Against Sri Lanka

Are you remember about T20 world cup of 2009. When Pakstan won this world cup. First of all, he delivered Pakistan to final with his individual performance. after it, he played a memorable inning of final. He scored a half-century with his incredible capacity. With not only with bat, but he also won with his bowling skills. Shahid Khan Afridi is a memorable player of history of Pakistan.