Sunday, 12 May 2019

Benefits Of The War between Muslim Countries.

"Have you noticed? Today Muslim countries are stand on the edge of the war"

If Muslim countries start the war today. It will be the most profitable for America and Israel. Although Muslims are brothers of one another. But nowadays, there is anarchy between them. Saudi Arabia and Iran are enemies of each other, on the other hand. Dubai and Qatar are enemies of each other. Saudi Arabia has many enemies In which the majority are the Muslim countries. especially Iran, Turkey, Qatar are almost enemies of each other. There are many things between each other. Muslims have ruined themselves. Now America is ready to attack Iran. If this war started, there are strong possibilities that Saudi Arabia will also can attack Iran due to America. The oil will be very expensive after this war. On the other hand,  If America Ban Iran Oil than definitely Iran can attack America. Iran is also said that we are ready to fight. It will be a Reason for world war 3. Just understand the game. When America will attack Iran so who will be the most harmful? Surely Iran will be harmful but all Muslim countries will automatically involve in this war. As we know that American military bases were present in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman and their headquarter is present in Dubai. they will definitely involved in this war directly.

According to this map, all on American military bases are present in Muslim countries around Iran. You can imagine how much damage will happen to the Muslim countries by this war. If America attack from any military base then Muslim countries will automatically be an enemy of Iran. And this endless war will start automatically.

How America will start this war? 

Recently America is giving a stupid reason. he said that if Iran attacks on our military bases then we will attack Iran. As we know that Iran is very weak then America. This country doesn't have nuclear. And America is 12500-kilometre far from Iran. How Iran can attack America? Now America can make a fack attack like 9/11 on himself. And he will blame on Iran. And he will start the war. The interests of America and Israel are hidden in this war. 
                                          America will get the oil of Iran and Israel will get the opportunity to make greater Israel. It is the Trick of jews. These are the Benefits of these terrorist countries. 
Just think, terrorism is present all over the world But terrorist attacks never happen in Israel. It proves that Israel is behind all the terrorism of the world.