Thursday, 9 May 2019

The Great Culture Of Pakistan

Hi everyone today I will explain the Culture of Pakistan. This is a great topic. First of all, I am explaining the meaning of Culture before you. The meaning of culture is To improve to grow to increase. To promote a culture there are needed history, religion, location and climate.

Climate Of Pakistan:

To promote a culture climate plays a key role. There are many countries in the world that have a climate of the same whole year. The people of those countries have some specific qualities. Instead of those climates, Pakistan has three Seasons winter summer and Rainy season. You can see that due to these seasons Pakistan have some specific qualities in his culture. The hot dress is used in winter. In summer the dress is changed.  In news, you can know more about Pakistan season. 

History Of Pakistan:

Pakistan history is very important to know about Pakistan culture. There are a lot of people that be Muslim from other religions. But now they are Muslim. Some traditions of there are the same as before as when they were non-Muslims. So when we are talking about the history of Pakistan some traditions are related to Indian traditions. But almost all the traditions are Islamic. Some are non-Islamic but there is a number of traditions that are Islamic. Today Pakistan's history is good, not bad. As PTI Government is ruling on Pakistan. In history, many bad politicians made Pakistan destitute. But now there is a hope of Pakistan progress. 


Pakistan has a valuable location as it is covered with mountains and it has a sea. A huge financial power China is rising up beside it. 


Pakistan is an agricultural country. Almost all people lived in Pakistan are Muslims. Very less are no Muslims. Therefore we can say that Pakistan is an Islamic country.


Pakistan had four provinces but now it has five provinces. Punjab, Sindh, Kpk, Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan are the five provinces of Pakistan.
Pakistan's five provinces are different from one and each other. The most developed province of paksitan is Punjab and the most beautiful is Gilgit Bultistan. 

   Most popular traditions Of Punjab:

  The most popular traditions of whole Punjab is Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha. All the Muslims celebrate the two festivals with great loyalty as it is a religious festival of Muslims. Baishaki is another popular festival of the Province Punjab. Punjab has a great culture of Pakistan. Punjab has a most popular festival of Baisakhi. Baisakhi is a festival of happiness among all the workers and farmers which is celebrated on Vishakh( a month of Bikrami Calendar). Bikrami Calendar is used among Hindus, especially in India. This is not an Islamic festival but I have explained that some of Hindus traditions are in Muslims due to their history.
Baisakhi is not celebrated on each date every year it is changed every year but is a great event of Sikhs and as well as Muslims.

Most popular Traditions Of Sindh:

Sindh has a popular culture in Pakistan. It is a big province of Pakistan. In this post, I am only conveying knowledge of Punjab but I will try to cover other all the provinces culture in next posts.

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