Friday, 3 May 2019

Is China Establishing A Military Base In Pakistan?

"Congratulation to all Pakistan, China establishing a military base in Pakistan"

 media of Pakistan will ever never give any good news to Pakistanies. But you don't need to have to be disappointed. I will try to provide you good news. There is a piece of news on Pentagon which proved good news for Pakistanis. According to Pentagon's news, China is now making its military base on the one-belt road including Pakistan. First of all, China will make a military base in Pakistan. Everybody knows about Pak China friendship. We also know that Pakistan has no money to make any more developments in the country. As usual, China has so much money. China will make its military base in Pakistan from its own money. It will prove beneficial for both counties. Pakistan will also use freely it with China. Its biggest interest is that if India attacks on Pakistan than China will directly help of Pakistan. Because of CPAC. Pakistan can become more strong through it. It is a Great plan. Well, this news should be present by Pakistan's news channels as today's largest news. Because of the CIA and Mossad and RAW are not happy from this news. that's why this Treacherous media is not showing this news as breaking news.
Pray for Pakistan.
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