Thursday, 9 May 2019

Pakistan Air Force Jammed Entire System to Track the Abhinandan Pilot

"As we know Pakistan shot down 2 Indian fighter jets on 27 February 2019. Today I am going to tell you that how Pakistan Air Force captured Indian pilot Abhinandan."

                                                                 After the Balakot face attack, Pakistan needs to give a surprise to them in a different way. So that Pakistani Airforce was already alert to give them a surprise. After Balakot face attack Indian fighter jets crossed the border. They tried to attack in Pakistan. After that the Pakistani Airforce tracked them. When their many jets came inside Pakistan. They were told by Indian headquarter to come back. Pakistani aircraft are coming. Some of them returned by listening to this message. But Abhinandan couldn't listen to this message. Because the Pakistan Air Force Jammed their signals. Therefore Abhinandan could not listen to this message. This was the golden opportunity for Pakistan. After it, Pakistan's great pilots shot down the jet of  Abhinandan. Abhinandan fell down with its fighter jet. It is a fact during this air strike, 5 to 6 Indian aircraft were on the Target of Pakistan.  Pakistan did not shoot them because after it a big war can start. But Pakistan not wants war. Pakistan wanted Peace. Another reason was that their debris could fell in the regen of  India. Therefore Pakistan not touch them. According to Ali said that Pak Air Force fired some missiles near an Indian bourgade headquarter. In which someone was present. It is a question mark that, who was present in that bourgade headquarter on that time? Anyways, the Indian media can give the right answer to this question. According to some Pakistani journalists, an Indian Air Chief Marsha was present in that bourgade headquarter. It is an unofficial secret. After that when Abhinandan comes to Pakistan, first of all, he talked with its wife. It is a fact that so many videos of Abhinandan were recorded by Pakistan army. which were not realised. After that Abhinandan has been given some important secrets to Pakistan Army about India. It is the biggest success of Pakistan. It is an amazing thing that Abhinandan Visited Lahore by Pakistan Army. During this visit, they went in mark and Spencer and bought some clothes for Abhinandan. It is another story about how he got a very good discount. As we know during this operation Pakistani jets captured video of shooting Indian jet. If Pakistan releases this video then it will be a great celebration for Pakistan. It is a Wisdom of Pakistan that Pakistan is not releasing this video. There are so many secrets behind this video.

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