Friday, 3 May 2019

PIA Began To Achieve The Stages Of Success

"Congratulation! to all Pakistan, our impossible dream is beginning to achieve the stages of success. Alhamdulillah Our Air Force saved a drowned Airline."

Today, Air Marshal Arshad Malik has saved PIA from loss. Now PIA reached on break even. It means no profit and no loss. The credit of this brilliant achievement goes to Air Force of Pakistan. Now you need to understand how PIA achieved this success.
PIA's online portal was in a very bad situation. It had no speed and its design was garbage. It was improved by contracting with a Turkish company. And now PIA's online portal is very beautiful and faster than Emirates. They repair all the ships which remained for repair. They trained their Staff. which proves a glorious work. As we know army or airforce is a disciplined institute. That's why they also make discipline in PIA's staff. they also removed ghost employees of PIA. They also improved rotates. They especially improved cargo to make more profits. They improved the food and cleanliness of this airline. Now PIA becomes a very best airline. 
If Air Marshal Arshad Malik performs the same way, then PIA can make more profits. They were also the days when people used to make Jokes on PIA. Now PIA is a strong airline of the world. I am requesting to all Pakistanis please try to travel through PIA so that it can make profits and bring prosperity to our country. If PIA can make profits than our country can directly make developments through it. And also it can be our future. I am praying for my country and PIA. And at last Pakistan Air Force Zindabad.